Trying to Obtain an Alcohol License?

HARRISON & WALLACE LAW GROUP, LLC is a state-wide law practice in ABL matters and the Administrative Law Court. HARRISON & WALLACE LAW GROUP, LLC is comprised of James H. Harrison, Retired, and Richard H. Wallace, Jr., and has over 40 years of experience in alcohol beverage licensing matters.

Services include turn-key applications, including formation of corporations and limited liability companies, drafting of operating agreements and corporate bylaws, and management of the approvals process. Harrison & Wallace Law Group frequently can expedite the approvals process. Its ABL clients are frequently referred by attorneys who handle other matters for them in their cities and towns across the state.

This is a state-wide ABL practice. The ABL Division of the Department of Revenue is located in Columbia, SC as is the Administrative Law Court which hears ABL cases. This frequently makes representation of the client by Harrison & Wallace more efficient and less expensive than would be representation by a lawyer in a remote location – and this practice is careful to return the client to the referring attorney following the ABL matter.